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Collier Ostrom, Inc. provides a multitude of basic and specialized services. Our specialists will be there to guide you from the initial consultation through cost evaluation, planning and the construction process itself.


Remodeling remains our specialty, and our 25-plus years' experience has given us valuable and unique insight. We understand the importance of keeping our clients involved in the remodeling process and soliciting their feedback. Our experience has also taught us how to develop a more efficient construction approach that encompasses proper planning, education and the innovative use of technologies and materials. The final product is guaranteed to be of exceptional craftsmanship, economical by design and responsive to our client's needs.

Green Building

Contractors have more than just a responsibility to build beautiful homes -- they're also responsible for maintaining a beautiful environment. Collier Ostrom is certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry in Green Building, a construction approach that reduces waste and minimizes the environmental impact of remodeling projects. As specialists in Green Building, we strive to incorporate sustainable resources, conserve building materials through strategic design, and reduce any toxic byproducts in our work. We also ensure that our projects do not disrupt the surrounding environments, and by taking advantage of natural conditions, we reduce utility costs and ensure that our finished projects blend in with local landscapes.

We encourage you to visit our Resources page to learn more about Green Building.

Price Planning

In most construction projects, standard competitive bidding - in which the contractor with the lowest bid is hired - can be a recipe for disaster. Oftentimes homeowners realize too late that the cheapest contractor isn't the best one. By then, they find themselves frustrated by needless cost overruns, substandard workmanship and inferior materials. Price Planning is the alternative to this outdated system. Through Price Planning we work jointly with the designer and homeowner to achieve a balance between needs and economics.

At Collier Ostrom, Inc. we scrutinize architectural plans with the client's budget in mind. We estimate costs and analyze various factors to determine where costs can be reduced without compromising the integrity of a project. We may also recommend alternative materials that maintain the same visual or structural value and suggest streamlined or modified building processes to save time. The goal is to give the client a cost-effective solution that doesn't sacrifice the overall quality of the project.

Design Build

Collier Ostrom, Inc. provides more than just contractor services -- we're also part of a strategic partnership with local architects and designers. With our Design Build network, you can be assured that your contractor is working closely with other partners to provide the highest-value services while maintaining strict budget controls. By coordinating our work with the architect or designer, Collier Ostrom, Inc.'s design team avoids unnecessary risks and expenses that normally hinder the remodeling process.