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Why Choose Us

Choosing the right contractor can initially feel like a daunting task. Remodeling a home or business is a huge investment, and it's crucial that you find a contractor who is skilled and trustworthy -- remodeling is hectic enough without having to worry about cost overruns, scheduling conflicts, faulty design or code violations. Fortunately, consumers have a number of ways to evaluate contractors. To begin with, they can consult nonprofit associations, like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), local licensing boards or consumer groups. Perhaps best of all, they can seek out the opinions of a contractor's previous clients.

A good contractor can point to previous projects that demonstrate familiarity with a variety of construction techniques and aesthetic sensibilities. At Collier Ostrom, Inc. our clients' opinions are integral to our success -- for over 25 years we've been making remodeling dreams become reality. Our portfolio showcases the ingenuity and creativity that we bring to our projects, and the attention we've devoted to our clients' practical needs.

We understand how essential it is that the homes of our clients be treated with the care and attention we'd devote to our own. This belief is confirmed by the extraordinary satisfaction enjoyed by our clients.

The Process

At Collier Ostrom, Inc. we understand the importance of communication. One of the most important ingredients to a successful construction process is a mutual understanding among the participants. At each stage of each new project, we at Collier Ostrom dedicate ourselves to listening and responding to our client's needs. We begin all of our projects with a detailed consultation to better understand our client's goals and their expectations. Then, after conducting an on-site survey, our designers will sit down with a client to discuss their ideas and calculate a cost estimate that meets the client's needs as well as budget. After an extensive evaluation, we then develop a detailed design plan and a payment and work schedule -- our mission is to devise a flexible project timeline that minimizes the inconvenience of the construction process.

When the time comes for the actual remodeling, we strive to ensure that the client is kept informed of every development and the overall progress of the work. We believe in a transparent, honest construction process that keeps the client involved and engaged as a participant. Whether it's a small project or a major renovation that calls for a team of subcontractors, we don't consider a project finished until it perfectly captures our client's needs.

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